[OPEN CALL] Biotechnology Wearable Cafe ~New Material~

In ten years, what do people wear in Tokyo?

The sense of value towards life has been changing. The change is due to development such as life maintained and gene manipulation by Biotechnology. Life that continue eternally and death naturally with ease. The discussions will cover diverse aspects of life.

Fashion is beyond trend and culture. It is also deeply involved with life. We face challenges to develop fashion that is suitable for working, protects the seniors, children, the disabled, and especially during disasters.

In the near future, Technology, Fashion, and Wearable will inter-connect with one another. We wonder what kind of living city will Tokyo turn into and what we should discuss and consider now.

“In ten years, what do people wear in Tokyo?”
With this simple theme on our mind, we opened an Art and Science Cafe.
Based of value towards life, technology, societal issues, and new materials available, we will deepen the discussions.

We would like to hear voices from engineers, material developers, and YOUR inspirations.
As a citizen, or as a brief visitor, please let us hear your voices. The final ideas and proposals will be shared with Central Saint Martins and released on a website dedicated to this project.

Date & Time: May 3, 2018, 13:00~16:00
Venue: 2F Meeting Room, Kuramae Kaikan, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Free of charge

Application by May 1.

Workshop Project: “Biotechnology Fashion”, School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Support Project of 2018 Arts Council Tokyo


生命体テクノロジーウェアラブルカフェ ~新素材編~ 開催! 満員御礼 お申し込み締め切らせていただきました。




日時:2018年5月3日(木・祝) 13:00~16:00
東京工業大学蔵前会館2階 大会議室(大岡山駅から1分)

参加お申し込みはこちらから  満員御礼 ごめんなさい締め切らせていただきました!


2018年 アーツカウンシル東京「海外発文化プロジェクト支援」事業