GEDES Course orientation (September 28, 2022)

We are pleased to welcome you to our Master’s and Doctoral programs in Global Engineering for Development, Environment and Society (GEDES). You are cordially invited to the online course orientation scheduled on September 28th from 16:00.

For attending the orientation online, please register from the link below.

開催時刻:2022年9月28日 04:00 PM 大阪、札幌、東京

If you have never attended a zoom meeting before, you may need to install the Zoom Client, or it may be automatically installed.
Make sure to try well in advance.

You can download the orientation materials for your own use during and after the orientation.

GEDES graduation ceremony on September 22, 2022

We are pleased to announce that the graduation ceremony for GEDES
master’s degree graduates will be held as shown below,
following the graduation ceremony by the university

– Date and time: 15:30 onwards, September 22, 2022
– Venue: Ishikawadai Bldg.4, B02-05
– In-person. Face masks are required.

Graduating students will receive the diploma at this ceremony.

For those who cannot make in-person, please contact the GEDES office:

GEDES Master’s and Doctoral Students Interim Presentation, Sept. 28, 2022

Master’s and doctoral students are required to present their progress in the interim presentation of GEDES. An interim presentation will be held on September 28, 2022. From 9:00-10:30, the master’s interim presentations will be held. It will be followed by the doctoral interim presentations from 10:45 – 12:15.

Frequently visit this page for updates.

Eligible Students

The following students are eligible to present in the interim event after consulting with the academic supervisor. For students who are uncertain, kindly confirm with your academic supervisor.

  • Master’s students enrolled in September 2021
  • Doctoral students enrolled in September 2020, April 2021, and September 2021.
  • Exceptional cases (discuss with supervisor)


Master’s Presentations

Doctoral presentations

Registration Procedure

Eligible students

Master’s students

Doctoral students

Instructions for Presenters

Registered students will receive updates, including the program, submission procedure of presentation materials, and zoom link.


Contact the GEDES chair or the GEDES office (

GEDES Workshop on students’ activities (August 3, 2022)

Date & Time9:00 AM onwards, August 3, 2022

Venue: Online (Zoom meeting)

Eligible Activity: It is only allowed to register activities that were conducted within 1 year. Also, doctoral course students cannot register the activities during the master’s course except for the application for the “Doctoral Recurrent Program”.

Program: Click here


    • Presentation style: Oral presentation using PowerPoint/PDF slides via Zoom meeting (NOTE: The style is different from the previous Poster Presentation style)
    • Language: English
    • Presentation time
      • Course with 1 credit: 6 minutes (2 min. presentation and 4 min. Q&A)
      • Course with 2 credits: 7 minutes (3 min. presentation and 4 min. Q&A)
      • Course with 3 credits: 8 minutes (4 min. presentation and 4 min. Q&A)
      • Course with 4 credits: 9 minutes (5 min. presentation and 4 min. Q&A)

Presentation contents (following items should be clearly presented)

    • Your activity and/or experience including background, objective and achievement/conclusion
    • What you learned or were trained?
    • What challenges/learning/training do you still need based on your activity/experience?
    • For more detail, please check the course syllabus in OCW.


If you want to register multiple courses, please register separately. However, you cannot register multiple courses with the same activity (for example, you cannot get credit for both of Global Engineering Off-Campus Project and ALP Overseas Training for the same overseas activity. Also, you cannot register two of Global Engineering International Workshop even if you make two presentations in a single conference).

Deadline for registration5 pm, July 27, 2022

    • If you do not make registration by the due date, you cannot make a presentation.


    • Submit a report after the presentation.
    • Contents should include replies to the questions for your presentation as well as the contents of questions you asked for other presentations.
    • The report should be written in English or Japanese in A4-size word document.
    • There are minimum page limits depending on the number of credits to be obtained.
      • 1 credit: 2 pages or more
      • 2 credits: 4 pages or more
      • 3 credits: 6 pages or more
      • 4 credits: 8 pages or more
    • Deadline5 pm, August 10, 2022
    • Submit to your supervisor via e-mail

Inquiry: Takashi Nakamura: nakamura.t.av[at] (*Please change [at] to @)

GEDES Master’s Thesis and Final Presentation (September 2022 Completion)

1. Final Presentation (Face-to-face, subject to change)
August 4, 2022 (Programme to be announced)
Time Allocation: 17 minutes for each presentation, including 5 minutes
for Q&A
Language: Presentation in English, Discussion in English or Japanese.
Venue: Face-to-face at Suzukakedai-campus but you can participate online if your supervisor agrees in advance. See the program for the registration link.
Program: Click here to access the program. Keep checking the program for changes until the day of the presentation.
Time allotment: : 12 minutes for each presentation, plus 5 minutes (or 8 minutes for students applying for the doctoral course) for Q&A
– Submission method: upload your presentation slides to BOX accessible from the link below (to upload only) by 17:00, 3rd August 2022.

2. Submission of documents
Required documents: Main thesis document and an extended abstract (4 pages) written in English or Japanese
Deadline: 17:00, July 28th (Thu) 2022 for both documents
Format of Extended Abstract: Click here to download the template.
File type: Separate PDF files for each document
Submission method: upload your documents through the link
link below (note: upload only)

3. Additional instructions about the documents
Filename of your main thesis document: StudentnumberFamilynameMT.pdf (e.g.

Filename of your extended abstract: StudentnumberFamilynameAB.pdf (e.g. 20M12345NoharaAB.pdf)

You can upload only once. However, if you want to resubmit the file, you can upload the revised document by affixing a revision number at the end of the filename (e.g. 20M12345NoharaAB-R1.pdf).

DO NOT use Kanji or Chinese characters for your name (write in Roman Alphabet).

GEDES Orientation for New Grad Students – Spring Semester 2020

The oral course orientation has been cancelled and replaced by the handouts and individual communication with supervisors.

Date & Time: 3:30 pm –, April 2nd (THU), 2020

Venue: Multi-Purpose Digital Hall, Ookayama

Zoom topic and link: GEDES Course Orientation 2020 Spring

Handout: GEDES_orientation_Apr2020 (updated on April 17, 2020)

Study guide   Japanese    English (IGP)

GEDES Final Presentation for Master’s students graduating in March 2020

  1. Corresponding students
    Students who will graduate in March 2020
  2. Submission of documents
    • Required documents: Main text of thesis and Extended abstract (4 pages)
    • Submit to:
      **Format for Extended Abstract (4 pages in English or Japanese)**
    • Deadline: 5 PM, February 6th (THU), 2020 for both documents
    • File type: one PDF for each document (Do NOT submit doc or docx files)
    • File name: StudentnumberFamilyname.pdf (e.g. 18M12345Isono.pdf)
      (Do NOT use Chinese characters for your family name, write it in Alphabet)
      **If you want to replace the file with a new one, just upload the new file**
  3. Final presentation
    • Date: February 13th (THU) and 14th (FRI), 2020
    • Time: All day
    • Venue: Room B02-05, Bldg. I4, Ookayama
  4. Program (updated on FEB 11th)
  5. Presentation
    • Language:
      • Presentation in English, Discussion in English or Japanese
    • Time allocation:
      • 12 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for Q&A, 1 minute for alternation and preparation
    • PC:
      • Bring your own or lab’s laptop that has a VGA outlet. Check the compatibility with the projector in advance.
    • Handout:
      1. 35 copies of your presentation slide should be prepared and distributed to the faculty members just prior to your presentation with the assistance of your laboratory members
      2. The maximum number of the paper distributed should be limited within 2 sheets in both-sided printing
      3. A correspondence table of technical terms between English and Japanese should be appended in the last slide
  6. Inquiries
    GEDES office

GEDES Doctoral Students Interim Presentation, FEB 10th 2020(博士課程中間発表会)

  1. Target students
    Students who enrolled in the following seasons.

    • April 2018
    • September 2018
    • April 2019

    Students are required to make interim presentation JUST ONE time. If you already made, you do not have to do more. Please consult with your supervisor you have to apply or not at this time.
    If you have not enrolled in the above seasons and apply for this presentation, please explain a reason you apply in the comment section.

  2. Presentation
    • Date & Time: 10:45am-12:15pm, February 10th (MON), 2020
    • Venue: Suzukake Hall 3rd Floor, Suzukakedai Campus
    • Language: English
    • Procedure of the session:
      1. Brief presentations with PowerPoint
        • Content: Outline of your presentation (including Background/Purpose, Methodology and Progress)
        • Time: 2 Minutes for each
        • Material: PowerPoint (up to 4 slides)
      2. Poster presentation for discussion with professors
        • Time: rest of the time
        • Material: Poster in A0 size (Portrait)
  3. Registration
    • Register here
    • Deadline: 5pm, February 3rd (MON), 2020
      NOTE: If you do not make registration by the due date, you can not make presentation.
  4.  Program (TBA)
  5. Inquiry
    GEDES office