Best presentations at GEDES Master’s interim presentation (September 27, 2023)

The following students won the best presentation awards in the recently held GEDES Master’s Interim Presentation last September 27, 2023.

Group A: Feldy Tanako (Hiroshi Takagi) “Application of Bamboo Breakwaters towards Storm Wave Conditions, A Nature-Based Approach

Group B: Nuchsara Wattana (Fumitake Takahashi) “Hydrophilic/hydrophobic treatment for municipal solid waste incineration fly ash

Group C: Kristian Monay (Takashi Nakamura, [Ookayama]) “Development of a Marine Bio-optical Model for Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) and its Implementation in the COAWST Modeling System

Group D: Emir Mendoza (Alvin C.G. Varquez) “Analyzing Climate Risk in Morphological Slums

Keep up the good work!