Best presentations at GEDES Master’s students thesis presentation (Aug 2023)

On Aug 4th, 2023, a final thesis presentation of master’s students of GEDES was held at the Suzukakedai campus of Tokyo Institute of Technology. After the impressive presentations from all the students, the following student was awarded the outstanding best presentation:

添田 晴也

Topic: Numerical simulation of the sea breeze circulation system using LBM-LES model (LBM-LESモデルを用いた海風循環の数値シミュレーション)

Supervisors: 神田 学,稲垣 厚至


Best presentations at GEDES Workshop on students’ activities (Aug. 2, 2023)

The following students won the best presentation awards in the recently held GEDES workshop on students’ activities held on Aug. 2, 2023.

Group A: Anindhita (Koji Tokimatsu) “Nurturing Brilliance: A Reflection on My Role as a Teaching Assistant in the System Design Project Course

Group B: Robert Anthony Olexa (Jeffrey S. Cross) “Virtual Ryugaku: Constraints of Naturalistic Language Learning in VR

Group C: Tsai I-Chen (Takashi Nakamura, [Suzukakedai]) “Learning in assisting teaching in Partial Differential Equations for Science and Engineering

Group D: Abdek M. Abdi (Takehiko Murayama) “My participation in the 23rd international conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment “IAIA 23”

Group D: Takafumi Sasaki (Koji Tokimatsu) “International standardisation activities on additive manufacturing

Group E: Tomomi Okutsu (Yoichi Murakami) “Internship at ARRK Engineering GmbH (Part 2)

Keep up the good work!