GEDES Workshop on students’ activities (Feb 9, 2024)

Date and Venue

Date & Time: 9 amFeb 9 (Fri), 2024
Venue: Online (Zoom meeting)
Eligibility: Activities that were conducted within 1 year. Doctoral course students cannot register for the activities done during the master’s course, except for the application for the “Doctoral Recurrent Program”.
Program: Click here.

Presentation Instructions

  • Format: Oral presentation using PowerPoint/PDF slides via Zoom meeting
  • Language: English
  • Presentation time

Course with 1 credit: 6 minutes (2min. presentation and 4 min. Q&A)
Course with 2 credits: 7 minutes (3 min. presentation and 4 min. Q&A)
Course with 3 credits: 8 minutes (4 min. presentation and 4 min. Q&A)
Course with 4 credits: 9 minutes (5 min. presentation and 4 min. Q&A)

  • Presentation contents (the following items should be clearly presented)
      The contents should summarize your activity and/or experience including background, objectives, and achievement/conclusion. What did you learn or what training did you obtain? What challenges/learning/training do you still need based on your activity/experience? These are questions that will guide you in developing your content. Be short and concise as if you are speaking in an international conference. Regarding participation in conferences, students must consult with their supervisors about their suitability to claim credits. The supervisor judges their suitability in terms of their size, quality, and open accessibility. If somewhat irregular or unclearness of the suitability of the conference is inevitable, both the student and his/her supervisor must justify its eligibility to obtain credits for the said conference participation. For more details, please check the course syllabus in the OCW.


  • Form:
  • Note: If you want to register for multiple courses, please register separately. However, you cannot register for multiple courses with the same activity (for example, you cannot get credit for both Global Engineering Off-Campus Project and ALP Overseas Training for the same overseas activity. Also, you cannot register for two Global Engineering International Workshop even if you make two presentations in a single conference).
  • Registration deadline: 5 pm, Feb 1 (Thu), 2024
        (if you fail to register by the due date, you cannot present)


  • Submit a report after the presentation.
  • Contents should include replies to the questions for your presentation, as well as the contents of questions you asked for other presentations.
  • The report should be written in English or Japanese in A4-size word document.
  • The minimum page limits depending on the number of credits to be obtained are as follows:

1 credit : 2 pages or more
2 credits : 4 pages or more
3 credits : 6 pages or more
4 credits : 8 pages or more

  • Deadline: 5 pm, Feb 16 (Fri), 2024 (submit to your supervisor via e-mail)


Takashi Nakamura (隆) (; and

GEDES Master’s Thesis and Final Presentation (March 2024 Completion)

Thesis presentations

The Master’s thesis final presentation will be held face-to-face on February 2024. The details are as follows.

Eligible students: Students graduating in March 2024
Date: February 15th (Thu) and 16th (Fri), 2024
Program: click here. Venue: Ishikawadai 4 basement rooms.
Time allocation for each presenter:

        Master students: Total 17 min (Presentation: 12 min, Q&A: 5 min)
Master students applying for  the doctoral course: Total 30 min
Breakdown for the 30-minute presentation: Master’s thesis presentation: 12 min, Q&A: 5min, Doctoral research plan presentation: 6 min, Q&A: 7min
Language: English presentations and either English or Japanese for the Q&A.

Submission of documents

Required documents: main text of thesis and the extended abstract (4 pages) in English or Japanese
Deadline: 17:00, 8th Feb (Thu) 2024 for both documents
Format of extended abstract: follow the instruction given in the format file attached.
File type: one PDF file for each document
Submission method: upload your documents to BOX accessible from the link below (to upload only)
File name of your main text: StudentnumberFamilynameMT.pdf (e.g. 21M12345NoharaMT.pdf)
File name of your extended abstract: StudentnumberFamilynameAB.pdf (e.g. 21M12345NoharaAB.pdf)
Note: You can upload only once. However, if you need to resubmit the file for some inevitable reason, you can upload the new file with a different file name by adding the revision number at the end (e.g. 21M12345NoharaAB-R1.pdf). Your name MUST be written in alphabet.


Eligible students will be contacted separately for further discussions such as how to upload the presentation slides in advance.

GEDES Doctoral Thesis Presentation (March 2024 Completion)

January 9, 2024

Venue: Ishikawadai 4 Basement Rooms

Time Presenter Moderator Dissertation
09:00 – 10:30 DO NGOC KHANH KANDA Manabu Impact of global climate change and urbanization on the regional climate of megacities worldwide

Panelists: Kanda Manabu(Chairman), Kinouchi Tsuyoshi, Takagi Hiroshi, Nakamura Takashi(恭志), Nakamura Takashi(隆志), VARQUEZ Alvin CG


There is an increasing need in understanding the climatology of cities because of the high concentration of population and progressing global climate change and urbanization. Targeting 43 megacities worldwide, this study utilizes a regional climate model together with high-resolution urban morphological parameters and anthropogenic heat dataset to project the future climate of the megacities. It was found that the impact of urbanization on the urban air temperature has high variance, even within the border of a single city. Urban warming can spread to surrounding rural areas. In the worst-case scenario, 78 percent of megacity dwellers might be exposed to 2.5 °C warming. The impact of urbanization on heat waves and possible adaptation strategies to high temperature are also investigated.