GEDES Master’s Thesis and Final Presentation (March 2024 Completion)

Thesis presentations

The Master’s thesis final presentation will be held face-to-face on February 2024. The details are as follows.

Eligible students: Students graduating in March 2024
Date: February 15th (Thu) and 16th (Fri), 2024
Program: click here. Venue: Ishikawadai 4 basement rooms.
Time allocation for each presenter:

        Master students: Total 17 min (Presentation: 12 min, Q&A: 5 min)
Master students applying for  the doctoral course: Total 30 min
Breakdown for the 30-minute presentation: Master’s thesis presentation: 12 min, Q&A: 5min, Doctoral research plan presentation: 6 min, Q&A: 7min
Language: English presentations and either English or Japanese for the Q&A.

Submission of documents

Required documents: main text of thesis and the extended abstract (4 pages) in English or Japanese
Deadline: 17:00, 8th Feb (Thu) 2024 for both documents
Format of extended abstract: follow the instruction given in the format file attached.
File type: one PDF file for each document
Submission method: upload your documents to BOX accessible from the link below (to upload only)
File name of your main text: StudentnumberFamilynameMT.pdf (e.g. 21M12345NoharaMT.pdf)
File name of your extended abstract: StudentnumberFamilynameAB.pdf (e.g. 21M12345NoharaAB.pdf)
Note: You can upload only once. However, if you need to resubmit the file for some inevitable reason, you can upload the new file with a different file name by adding the revision number at the end (e.g. 21M12345NoharaAB-R1.pdf). Your name MUST be written in alphabet.


Eligible students will be contacted separately for further discussions such as how to upload the presentation slides in advance.