GEDES Doctoral Thesis Presentation (March 2024 Completion)

January 9, 2024

Venue: Ishikawadai 4 Basement Rooms

Time Presenter Moderator Dissertation
09:00 – 10:30 DO NGOC KHANH KANDA Manabu Impact of global climate change and urbanization on the regional climate of megacities worldwide

Panelists: Kanda Manabu(Chairman), Kinouchi Tsuyoshi, Takagi Hiroshi, Nakamura Takashi(恭志), Nakamura Takashi(隆志), VARQUEZ Alvin CG


There is an increasing need in understanding the climatology of cities because of the high concentration of population and progressing global climate change and urbanization. Targeting 43 megacities worldwide, this study utilizes a regional climate model together with high-resolution urban morphological parameters and anthropogenic heat dataset to project the future climate of the megacities. It was found that the impact of urbanization on the urban air temperature has high variance, even within the border of a single city. Urban warming can spread to surrounding rural areas. In the worst-case scenario, 78 percent of megacity dwellers might be exposed to 2.5 °C warming. The impact of urbanization on heat waves and possible adaptation strategies to high temperature are also investigated.