Best presentations at GEDES Master’s students thesis presentation (February 2023)

On February 16 – 17, 2023, a final thesis presentation of master’s students of GEDES was held in Ishikawadai Building 4 of Tokyo Tech. After the impressive presentations from all the students, the following students were awarded the outstanding best presentation:

Loh Zhan Teng (1st prize)
A spatial analysis of the impact of decarbonization policy on port hinterlands in Japan (日本の脱炭素政策が港湾背後圏に与える影響の空間的分析)
Supervisor: 花岡 伸也
小又 寛也
Supervisor: 中村 隆志
MAKEDONAS Alexandros Marios
Classification of wind field Doppler Lidar Scans using Deep Learning
Supervisors: 神田 学,稲垣 厚至
瀬戸 翔吾
ドイツ留学生の進路希望と就職の現状に関する研究 -ドイツ人学生との比較から-
Supervisor: 佐藤 由利子
SAISA-ARD Siraphop
Development of Vehicle Shadowing Gain Prediction Model for Site-Specific Wireless Channel Emulator
Supervisor: 高田 潤一