Best presentations at GEDES Workshop on students’ activities (Feb. 10, 2023)

The following students won the best presentation awards in the recently held GEDES workshop on students’ activities held on Feb 10, 2023.

Name (Supervisor) Presentation title
(Fumitake Takahashi)
My teaching assistant experience at “Project Design and Management-F” course
Vinayak GUPTA
(Fumitake Takahashi)
Experience sharing on Advanced Theory of Teaching Method 1D
(Jun-ichi Takada)
Book-rading seminar: Addaptive filter theory
Shandy Cecilia
(Takehiko Murayama)
My Internship in Nippon Koei (Engineering Consultant)
KOIZUMI Yukihiro
(Shinya Hanaoka)
Career Development in the field of international development

Keep up the good work!