GEDES Graduation Ceremony (March 27, 2023)

The graduation ceremony for GEDES Master’s and Doctoral degree graduates will be held on March 27, 2023. It will be held after the university-wide graduation ceremony. Details are briefly as follows.

– Date: March 27th, 2023
– Time: 16:00
– Venue: Isihikawa-Dai Bldg.4, B02-05

Students will receive their diplomas at this ceremony. For recipients who won’t make it to the event, kindly contact Prof. Kayoko Nohara, GEDES chair, to set another way to receive the diploma.

Best presentations at GEDES Master’s students thesis presentation (February 2023)

On February 16 – 17, 2023, a final thesis presentation of master’s students of GEDES was held in Ishikawadai Building 4 of Tokyo Tech. After the impressive presentations from all the students, the following students were awarded the outstanding best presentation:

Loh Zhan Teng (1st prize)
A spatial analysis of the impact of decarbonization policy on port hinterlands in Japan (日本の脱炭素政策が港湾背後圏に与える影響の空間的分析)
Supervisor: 花岡 伸也
小又 寛也
Supervisor: 中村 隆志
MAKEDONAS Alexandros Marios
Classification of wind field Doppler Lidar Scans using Deep Learning
Supervisors: 神田 学,稲垣 厚至
瀬戸 翔吾
ドイツ留学生の進路希望と就職の現状に関する研究 -ドイツ人学生との比較から-
Supervisor: 佐藤 由利子
SAISA-ARD Siraphop
Development of Vehicle Shadowing Gain Prediction Model for Site-Specific Wireless Channel Emulator
Supervisor: 高田 潤一


Best presentations at GEDES Workshop on students’ activities (Feb. 10, 2023)

The following students won the best presentation awards in the recently held GEDES workshop on students’ activities held on Feb 10, 2023.

Name (Supervisor) Presentation title
(Fumitake Takahashi)
My teaching assistant experience at “Project Design and Management-F” course
Vinayak GUPTA
(Fumitake Takahashi)
Experience sharing on Advanced Theory of Teaching Method 1D
(Jun-ichi Takada)
Book-rading seminar: Addaptive filter theory
Shandy Cecilia
(Takehiko Murayama)
My Internship in Nippon Koei (Engineering Consultant)
KOIZUMI Yukihiro
(Shinya Hanaoka)
Career Development in the field of international development

Keep up the good work!

GEDES Workshop on students’ activities (Feb 10, 2023)

Date & Time: AM(time TBD), Feb 10, 2023
Venue: Online (Zoom meeting)
Eligible Activity: It is only allowed to register activities that were conducted within 1 year. Also, doctoral course students cannot register the activities during the master’s course except for the application for the “Doctoral Recurrent Program”.
Program: TBA


Presentation style: Oral presentation using PowerPoint/PDF slides via Zoom meeting
Language: English
Presentation time

Course with 1 credit: 6 minutes (2 min. presentation and 4 min. Q&A)
Course with 2 credits: 7 minutes (3 min. presentation and 4 min. Q&A)
Course with 3 credits: 8 minutes (4 min. presentation and 4 min. Q&A)
Course with 4 credits: 9 minutes (5 min. presentation and 4 min. Q&A)

Presentation contents (following items should be clearly presented)
Your activity and/or experience including background, objective and achievement/conclusion
What you learned or were trained?
What challenges/learning/training do you still need based on your activity/experience?
For more detail, please check the course syllabus in OCW.


Registration form:

If you want to register multiple courses, please register separately. However, you cannot register multiple courses with the same activity (for example, you cannot get credit for both of Global Engineering Off-Campus Project and ALP Overseas Training for the same overseas activity. Also, you cannot register two of Global Engineering International Workshop even if you make two presentations in a single conference).

Deadline for registration: 5 pm, 31st Tue, Jan
If you do not make registration by the due date, you cannot make presentation.

Report and Grading

Submit a report after the presentation.
Contents should include replies to the questions for your presentation as well as the contents of questions you asked for other presentations.
The report should be written in English or Japanese in A4-size word document.
There are minimum page limits depending on the number of credits to be obtained.

1 credit : 2 pages or more
2 credits : 4 pages or more
3 credits : 6 pages or more
4 credits : 8 pages or more

Deadline: 5 pm, 17 Fri, Feb 2023
Submit to your supervisor via e-mail


GEDES office:

Presentation of doctoral dissertation – Bageshree Katneshwarkar

Ms. Bageshree KATNESHWARKAR will be delivering a presentation regarding her doctoral dissertation. The details are as follows.

Presenter: KATNESHWARKAR Bageshree
Date and Time: Monday, December 5, 2022, 13:30 to 15:00
Place: Ishikawadai 4 B03/04, Ookayama campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Chairing Teaching Staff: Prof. Kinouchi Tsuyoshi
Thesis Title: “Quantitative investigation of drought impacts on agriculture and relation with socioeconomic security of farmers”
Panelists: Prof. Tsuyoshi KINOUCHI, Prof. Manabu KANDA, Assoc. Prof. Takashi (恭志) NAKAMURA, Assoc. Prof. Takashi (隆志) NAKAMURA, Assoc. Prof. Alvin C.G. VARQUEZ


Recurring droughts and its dire consequences on the agriculture sector is challenging the socioeconomic security of farmers in agrarian countries like India. The complex, multidimensional, spatially extensive, and water extreme phenomenon of drought is the costliest natural disaster which is anticipated to be frequent and more severe in the warming world. The profound impacts of droughts include agriculture failures, groundwater depletion, water scarcity and economic losses, which is specifically threatening the agriculture, and allied businesses. Under the deteriorating socioeconomic status of farmers subject to frequent droughts, especially in central parts of India, drought assessment holds a paramount importance. Multiple climatic and hydrologic factors are responsible for droughts and vegetation conditions, where meticulous attribution of these primary drivers and understanding of their integrated effect is crucial for holistic drought quantification and disaster contingency planning. Despite a well-established system of drought management in India, which is typically univariate and depends on analysis of multiple variables, the process has its own limitations where this integrated effect is typically overlooked, frequently leading to ambiguous drought categorization. In the present study, dynamics and variability in vegetation and its interlinkage with regional drought characteristics were analyzed in the form of greening and browning trends along with discerning the governing factors and their possible implications on the farmers in the central state of Maharashtra in India. Furthermore, using the confounding primary drought drivers, a novel multivariate Joint Drought Index (JDI) was proposed for seasonal agriculture drought classification which shall provide a unique perspective for drought monitoring and mitigation by increasing the accuracy of drought severity analysis in India and beyond. Moreover, taking farmers suicide as an index showing the socioeconomic status of farmers, the possible relation between vegetation variability, dynamics in hydroclimatic variables, droughts, and role of JDI in the farmer’s socioeconomic status is also discussed. The results of this study should provide crucial insights for policymakers in India and worldwide and should be valuable for revisiting the drought management plans and creating efficient drought mitigation systems in areas facing harsh conditions of droughts.

Best presentations at GEDES Master’s interim presentation (September 2022)

The GEDES program and the Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering congratulate the following students for winning the best presentation awards during the recent interim presentation for Master’s students held last September 28, 2022.

RADHITIYA Al Furqan (Abe laboratory)
Title: “The Necessity of Transition Management of Informal Sector in Recycling Activity in Indonesia”

WANNAWILAI Palika [Nakamura (隆) laboratory]
Title: “Detecting Turbidity and Chlorophyll Concentrations in Shallow Coral Reef Areas”

WANG Yikai (Takada laboratory)
Title: “Channel Modelling and Detection of Micro-Doppler Signature Due to Person Falling”

Keep up the good work!

GEDES Course orientation (September 28, 2022)

We are pleased to welcome you to our Master’s and Doctoral programs in Global Engineering for Development, Environment and Society (GEDES). You are cordially invited to the online course orientation scheduled on September 28th from 16:00.

For attending the orientation online, please register from the link below.

開催時刻:2022年9月28日 04:00 PM 大阪、札幌、東京

If you have never attended a zoom meeting before, you may need to install the Zoom Client, or it may be automatically installed.
Make sure to try well in advance.

You can download the orientation materials for your own use during and after the orientation.

The orientation file can be accessed here: 20220928_GEDES_Orientation

GEDES graduation ceremony on September 22, 2022

We are pleased to announce that the graduation ceremony for GEDES
master’s degree graduates will be held as shown below,
following the graduation ceremony by the university

– Date and time: 15:30 onwards, September 22, 2022
– Venue: Ishikawadai Bldg.4, B02-05
– In-person. Face masks are required.

Graduating students will receive the diploma at this ceremony.

For those who cannot make in-person, please contact the GEDES office: