Best presentations at GEDES Workshop on students’ activities (Feb. 9, 2024)

The following students won the best presentation awards in the recently held GEDES workshop on students’ activities held on Feb. 9, 2023. The event was held online.

TAKAGI Yuta Alexander
TA Activities for Global Environmental System and Ecosystem Dynamics
Supervisor: Takashi Nakamura (隆)

MAKEDONAS Alexandros Marios
ESG and LCA in UTokyoIPC start ups
Supervisor: Manabu Kanda

LIU Kexin
Research Practicum at UNSW, Australia
Supervisor: Tsuyoshi Kinouchi

MONAY Kristian R.
Returning to Ishigaki Island: New objectives and new experiences
Supervisor: Takashi Nakamura (隆)

CABALLERO Jorge Luis Suarez
Teaching Global Environmental Dynamics: a TA’s perspective
Supervisor: Takashi Nakamura (隆)

SASAKI Takafumi
GHG reduction proposals in decision making to apply AM components to actual products
Supervisor: Koji Tokimatsu

Keep up the good work!