GEDES Workshop on students’ activities (February 14, 2022)

    1. Date & Time: 1:30pm~, February 14, 2022
    2. Venue: Online (Zoom meeting)
    3. Eligible Activity: Activities finished after February 14, 2021 (including Feb. 14, 2021). Even if the activity has finished before this date, we accept the registration with the detail explanation of the reason, which will be subjected to further approval process by the faculty members. This rule applies only this time for the activities conducted after April 2019. Also, please note that 1) if you are the doctoral course student, you cannot get the credit for the activities during the master course, 2) the above-mentioned eligibility condition does not apply for “Recurrent Program Advanced Practice”.
    4. Program: TBA
    5. Presentation
      • Format: Presentation using the slide(s) made in PowerPoint via Zoom meeting The detail of zoom presentation will be announced later.
      • Language: English
      • Size and number of posters
        • ONE sheet (slide) in A1 size, for each course with 1 credit or 2 credits
        • TWO sheets (slides) in A1 size, for each course with 3 or 4 credits
        • Either of portrait or landscape orientation is acceptable.
      • Presentation time
        • Course with 1 credit: 6 minutes (2 min. presentation and 4 min. Q&A)
        • Course with 2 credits: 7 minutes (3 min. presentation and 4 min. Q&A)
        • Course with 3 credits: 8 minutes (4 min. presentation and 4 min. Q&A)
        • Course with 4 credits: 9 minutes (5 min. presentation and 4 min. Q&A)
    6. Presentation contents (following items should be clearly presented)
      • Your activity and/or experience including background, objective and achievement/conclusion
      • What you learned or were trained?
      • What challenges/learning/training do you still need based on your activity/experience?
      • For more detail, please check the course syllabus in OCW.
    7. Registration 
      Register from
      If you want to register multiple courses, please register separately. However, you cannot register multiple courses with the same activity (for example, you cannot get credit for both of Global Engineering Off-Campus Project and ALP Overseas Training for the same overseas activity. Also, you cannot register two of Global Engineering International Workshop even if you make two presentations in a single conference).
    8. Deadline for registration: 5pm, February 1, 2022
      If you do not make registration by the due date, you cannot make presentation.
    9. Report
      • Submit a report after the presentation.
      • Content should include reply to the questions for your presentation as well as the content of questions you asked for other presentations.
      • The report should be written in English or Japanese in A4-size word document.
      • There is minimum page limits depending on the number of credits to be obtained.
        • 1 credit : 2 pages or more
        • 2 credits : 4 pages or more
        • 3 credits : 6 pages or more
        • 4 credits : 8 pages or more
      • Deadline: TBA
      • Submit to your supervisor via e-mail

10. Inquiry:  GEDES office