GEDES Master’s Thesis and Final Presentation (September 2022 Completion)

1. Final Presentation (Face-to-face, subject to change)
August 4, 2022 (Programme to be announced)
Time Allocation: 17 minutes for each presentation, including 5 minutes
for Q&A
Language: Presentation in English, Discussion in English or Japanese.
Venue: Face-to-face at Suzukakedai-campus but you can participate online if your supervisor agrees in advance. See the program for the registration link.
Program: Click here to access the program. Keep checking the program for changes until the day of the presentation.
Time allotment: : 12 minutes for each presentation, plus 5 minutes (or 8 minutes for students applying for the doctoral course) for Q&A
– Submission method: upload your presentation slides to BOX accessible from the link below (to upload only) by 17:00, 3rd August 2022.

2. Submission of documents
Required documents: Main thesis document and an extended abstract (4 pages) written in English or Japanese
Deadline: 17:00, July 28th (Thu) 2022 for both documents
Format of Extended Abstract: Click here to download the template.
File type: Separate PDF files for each document
Submission method: upload your documents through the link
link below (note: upload only)

3. Additional instructions about the documents
Filename of your main thesis document: StudentnumberFamilynameMT.pdf (e.g.

Filename of your extended abstract: StudentnumberFamilynameAB.pdf (e.g. 20M12345NoharaAB.pdf)

You can upload only once. However, if you want to resubmit the file, you can upload the revised document by affixing a revision number at the end of the filename (e.g. 20M12345NoharaAB-R1.pdf).

DO NOT use Kanji or Chinese characters for your name (write in Roman Alphabet).