GEDES Workshop on students’ activities

Date&Time: 13:20~16:00, January 31 (Wednesday), 2018
Venue: Bldg.G5 large & small conference room , Suzukakedai


Presentation:Oral presentation

Presentation time and maximum slide number
– 2-credit class: Presentation = 8 min, Q&A = 4 min, max slide = 8 excluding title slide
– 1-credit class: Presentation = 5 min, Q&A = 4 min, max slide = 5 excluding title slide

Presentation content (They should be presented clearly)
– Your activity and/or experience including background, objective, and achievement/conclusion
– What you learned or were trained?
– What challenges/learning/training do you still need based on your activity/experience?

Register at
Deadline: 5PM, January 25 (Thursday), 2018

Submit a report after the presentation.
There is no format for the report. You can write the report in English or in Japanese.

Deadline: 15:00, February 9 (Friday), 2018
Submit to: Supervisor