Best presentations at GEDES Master’s students thesis presentation (August 2022)

On August 4, 2022, a final thesis presentation of master’s students of GEDES was held in hybrid-style at the Suzukakedai campus of Tokyo Tech. After the impressive presentations from all the students, two best presenters and an outstanding presenter were selected by the department faculty.

The following was awarded the outstanding best presentation:

  • Jessica CHRISTINA “Uptake and Effects of Microplastics on Manila Clams” (supervisor: Jeffrey S. CROSS)

The following were awarded the best presentations:

  • Yuta A. TAKAGI “Modeling the growth and nutrient reducation potential of seagrass meadows in the Berau coastal system, East Kalimantan, Indonesia” (supervisor: Takashi NAKAMURA [中村隆志])
  • Jiantao ZHANG “Numerical study on force performance and vortex dynamics of flapping foil in ground effect” (supervisor: Takashi NAKAMURA [中村恭志])