28 July 2018: Hackathon completed!

Final presentations of Existential Wearables
28 July 2018 13-16:00 @South5-407A

The final presentations were safely carried out while being cautions of the typhoon course. Mock-ups and collages, slides, and other narratives showed the depth of design and its narratives and concepts.

Well done everyone, see you soon again!! 

7/28(土)13-16:00 @South5-407A






28 July 2018: Existential Wearables Hackathon presentations today!

The final presentations will proceed as planned.

Date: Saturday, 28 July 2018
Time: 13.00~finish
Venue: Tokyo Tech, South 5 Bldg. 4F, Workshop Room

Keep checking here on the website: any change will be informed in case of emergency caused by the approaching typhoon.

台風の動きが急変した場合は変更もあり得ますので、今日はときどきサイトチェックをお願いします! 気をつけてお越しください(今日は南5号館ワークショップ室)野原よりお知らせでした。

Ideas and Materials for Wearable Fashion Wanted

We are seeking your ideas and materials for the Tokyo Tech x London CSM Hackathon from July 21st.

In the Hackathon, we will build some prototype of “Tokyo wearable fashion in ten years”.

We would appreciate your ideas and materials (fibers, metals, image, machine, system, theory, etc).

Anyone with some original ideas please contact us now! -> tokyotechxcsm@tse.ens.titech.ac.jp




18 July 2018: Heather & Ulrike come to Tokyo Tech

On July 18th (wed), two project members will come to Tokyo Tech from London. Heather Barnett and Ulrike Oberlack from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London will be here again for our 7 days Hackathon from July 21st.

7月18日(水)ロンドン芸大CSMから教員2名が来日します。粘菌アーティスト ヘザー・バーネット氏及び光のジュエリーデザイナー ウルリケ・オバーラック氏は、野原研との7日間合同ハッカソンのために、昨年に続いての来日となります。

The article about our Wearable project on FASHIOSNAP.COM!

The article on the lecture from Keisuke Nagami, the leading fashion designer from HATRA, on 26 June@TokyoTech and our wearable project with CSM have been published on FASHIOSNAP.COM.

Check the article here.