GEDES Master’s students Interim Presentation, 25th SEP 2019(修士課程中間発表会)

  1. Target Students
    Students enrolled in September 2018If you have not enrolled in the above period and apply for this presentation, please explain the reason you apply in the comment section.
  2.  Poster presentation
    • Date & Time: 9:30am – 10:30am, SEPTEMBER 25th (Wednesday), 2019
    • Venue: Suzukake Hall 3rd Floor, Suzukakedai Campus
    • Poster format: A0 size (Portrait) in English
    • Poster session: Each presenter has a total of 15 minutes (5 min. for oral presentation, 5 min. for discussion with other students, 5 min. for discussion with faculty members)
  3. Registration
  4. Program
  5. Inquiry
    GEDES office

GEDES Doctoral Students Interim Presentation, 25th SEP 2019(博士課程中間発表会)

  1. Target students
    Students who enrolled in the following seasons.

    • September 2017
    • April 2018
    • September 2018

    Students are required to make interim presentation JUST ONE time. If you already made, you do not have to do more. Please consult with your supervisor you have to apply or not at this time.
    If you have not enrolled in the above seasons and apply for this presentation, please explain a reason you apply in the comment section.

  2. Presentation
    • Date & Time: 10:45am-12:15pm, SEPTEMBER 25th (Wednesday), 2019
    • Venue: Suzukake Hall 3rd Floor, Suzukakedai Campus
    • Language: English
    • Procedure of the session:
      1. Brief presentations with PowerPoint
        • Content: Outline of your presentation (including Background/Purpose, Methodology and Progress)
        • Time: 2 MINUTES for each
        • Material: PowerPoint (up to 4 slides)
      2. Poster presentation for discussion with professors
        • Time: rest of the time
        • Material: Poster in A0 size (Portrait)
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  4.  Program
  5. Inquiry
    GEDES office

Final presen

1. Corresponding students
Students graduating in September 2019

2. Submission of documents
– Required documents: Main text of thesis and Extended abstract (4 pages) in English or Japanese
– Submit:
 (You can submit separately & revise until the deadline.)
– Deadline: 5 PM, JULY 31st (WED), 2019 for both documents

**Format for Extended Abstract**

– File type: one PDF for each document
  (Do NOT submit doc or docx files)
– File name: StudentnumberFamilyname.pdf
  (e.g. 18M12345Isono.pdf)
  (Do NOT use Chinese characters for your family name, write it in Alphabet)
**If you want to replace the file with a new one, just upload the new file**

3. Final presentation
– Dates: AUGUST 7th (WED), 2019
– Time: all day
– Venues:
- Room G311, Bldg.G3, Suzukakedai campus


– Language: Presentation in English, Discussion in English or Japanese
– Time Allocation: 12 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for Q&A, 1 minute for alternation and preparation
– PC: Bring your own or lab’s laptop that has a VGA or HDMI outlet. Check the compatibility with the projector in advance.
– Handout:
1) 35 copies of your presentation slide should be prepared and distributed to the faculty members just prior to your presentation with the assistance of your laboratory members
2) The maximum number of the paper distributed should be limited within 2 sheets in two-sided printing
3) A correspondence table of technical terms between English and Japanese should be appended in the last slide

4. Inquiries
GEDES office