JSPSD-2018 Participants Wanted!


We are accepting students for JSPSD-2018!

Please read carefully the following instructions.

〈Do you want to study abroad while you are on the program?


The Japan Summer Program in Sustainable Development (JSPSD), a joint program with Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), was held at Tokyo Tech, Ookayama Campus from May 29 to August 3, 2017. JSPSD-2017 was a success!


We will offer the second JSPSD this year (2018)!

In JSPSD-2018, we will provide you with a great opportunity to investigate possible and optimal relationships between ‘Transportation’ and ‘City’, in the context of the SDGs.


You are able to take Georgia Tech’s classes in English without paying any extra tuition fees to Tokyo Tech. (You will need to pay any expenses for fieldwork.) We provide you an opportunity of a 2-month study abroad experience while you are a student at Tokyo Tech. Prospective students must read the following instructions carefully, and submit Letter of Intent at the bottom of this page to Professor Abe.


The application deadline: April 28, 2018.


〈JSPSD Subjects


(Class 1)

Introduction to Global Development (GT subject)

TSE.C205 グローバル開発入門 (Titech subject, 2 units)

Instructors: Prof.Brian Woodall, Prof. Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy, Dr. Wendy Newstetter, Naoya Abe (Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering, a contact faculty)


(Class 2)

Smart & Sustainable Megaregions (GT subject)

TSE.C311 持続的都市・生産・消費(Titech subject, 2 units)

Instructors: Prof. Brian Woodall, Dr. Wendy Newstetter, Naoya Abe (Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering, a contact faculty)


(Class 3)

Energy, Environment, and Policy (GT subject)

TSE.C315 エネルギー、環境、政策 (Titech subject, 2 units)

Instructors: Prof. Brian Woodall, Mr. VincePedicino, Naoya Abe (Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering, a contact faculty)


(Class 4)

Global Development Capstone (GT subject)

TSE.C316 グローバル開発キャップストーン (Titech subject, 2 unit)

Instructors: Prof. Brian Woodall, Dr. Jennifer Hirsch, Mr. Vince Pedicino, Naoya Abe (Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering, a contact faculty)


The successful participants from Tokyo Tech must register for the 4 Tokyo Tech subjects above, and with your success in exams, you are able to get units of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering.

(Tokyo Tech students are not able to get GT units, but only Tokyo Tech units.)


Registration and Requirements


Tokyo Tech students are not required to pay any extra tuition fee. However, you need to pay field work (Japan) expenses.


This program is offered as the official GT Summer Overseas Program therefore each class is 2 hours long, which is different from Tokyo Tech’s regular classes.


Class Schedule: The following is the 2017 schedule, but it will be almost the same in 2018.


JSPSD Course Schedule


First Half: From May 28 (Monday) to June 28 (Thursday): Class 1 and Class 2


Second Half: From July 2 (Monday) to August 2 (Thursday): Class 3 and Class 4


Field Trip: From June 3 (Sunday) to June 9 (Saturday)

(6 nights and 7 days: Tokyo ->Hiroshima ->Kyoto -> Nagoya -> Tokyo)

We strongly recommend you to join the field trip as it is the important part of JSPSD which GT students join.


Class Dates: From Monday to Thursday (Not on Friday)


Class Time Schedule: Ishikawadai Building 8, F4 Seminar Room


In order to join JSPSD, all of the second quarter must be attended. Hence, please notice that you are not able to take other classes apart from JSPSD ones during the second quarter.


We expect students below as successful prospective participants;


  • Senior students who have no class except senior thesis and who are interested in studying in English


  • Second-year students of Master’s course who have good English ability, but were not able to study abroad, and who are willing to enter the Doctoral course


  • Other students who have not been able to study abroad.


〈Important〉Letter of Intent


All students who are willing to joint JSPSD 2018, please write required information on the file below, and submit it to Professor Abe (a contact faculty). Students who belong to their own laboratory are expected to confirm their supervisors’ understanding of your participation. If the number of applicants is over the available positions, only available number of students will be selected. The selection criteria are comprehensive which includes English ability, supervisors’ understanding of the candidates’ participation, or the grades of the candidates. Please be informed this possible selection of candidates.


This Letter of Intent is only for confirmation and adjustment of the program. Successful participants are required to officially register the program at Tokyo Tech in order to take classes and get units.


Letter of Intent Form JSPSD2018


Further details about the program can be obtained from Professor Abe, a contact faculty of JSPSD 2018.




Please change 〈at〉to @.