July 2023

GSEP Graduate Voices:
Do Khanh Ngoc

July 20th, 2023

GSEP is a “transdisciplinary” degree program that is not limited to any specific science or engineering field. Probably not many people are familiar with a term, “transdisciplinary”, and you might wonder what the program could actually offer. In fact, it aims to guide students to go beyond the boundaries of academic fields and to solve […]

GSEP Graduate Voices:
Mondragon Raphael Angelo Verzosa

July 18th, 2023

Every year GSEP welcomes students from various countries. Its multicultural learning environment helps them to broaden their perspectives and to enhance their understanding of the cultural diversity. Ranjo, a 3rd batch graduate from Philippines, tells us that GSEP helped him prepared for his graduate study in one of the most diverse cities in the world. […]

Visionary Project 2023
Lecture by Mr. Raymond Wong

July 13th, 2023

Tokyo Tech Visionary Project is a compulsory course for all new undergraduate students. It is a course that encourages students’ self-discovery and aims to motivate students to set their individual goals. In the very first lecture of the Visionary Project course 2023 on April 17th, we received an honor from Mr. Raymond Wong to share […]

Tokyo Tech GSEP Off-Campus Project (4)
| Day 3: March 3rd, 2023 |
Asahi Printech

July 11th, 2023

In this part of our series on the GSEP 2023 Off-Campus Project, we will hear from two GSEP students about one of the amazing destinations of day three. Ivan Andrew Gunawan (Ivan) from Indonesia, and Lueangratana Pongsapak (Pun) from Thailand, both GSEP 2021 batch students, describe their visit and learnings during a guided tour of […]

Application Guide for
the admission in April 2024

July 6th, 2023

The application guide for the admission in April 2024 now has been released. Please click the below links to see more details. Application Guide for GSEP commencing in April 2024 Tokyo Tech Application Guides



Latest News and Announcements

GSEP Off-Campus Project AY2023 (4)
| February 27th-29th, 2024 |

June 18th, 2024

The fourth part of the series focuses on Kusaki Dam, a multi-purpose dam built across the Watarase River in Gunma. Buraraksakiet Nattha and Inchid Chawala, then 4th year students from Thailand, share their experiences and impressions of their visit. “Upon my arrival at Kusaki Dam, I was struck by its imposing presence. The towering concrete […]

GSEP Off-Campus Project AY2023 (3)
| February 27th-29th, 2024 |

June 11th, 2024

In the third part of the series, Chan Yu Zi and Ireen Tasnim Progga Islam, fourth year students from Malaysia and Bangladesh, explore the Ashio Copper Mine, the site of Japan’s first major pollution in the late 19th century. Read their report to learn more about Japan’s environmental legacy: Uncovering Japan’s Industrial Legacy: The Ashio […]

GSEP Webinar for the April 2025 Admissions

May 23rd, 2024

GSEP will start its recruitment for the April 2025 admissions from this August. Students who are interested to apply to the Tokyo Tech Global Scientists and Engineers Program (GSEP) can attend our webinar on June 8th (Sat) 15:30-17:00 JST or July 20th (Sat) 15:30-17:00 JST to learn more about the requirements and admissions procedures. Pre-registration […]