Social Design Project (Until 2020)

Social Design Project
Instructors:  Kayoko NOHARA・Naoya ABE・Istval ZALDAI・Giorgio SALANI
Guest lecturers 2020:  Takanobu OMATA・Satoru SUGIHARA
Course info:Requirement in the Dept.of Transdisciplinary Science & Engineering / 2Q 2 credits
Subject code: TSE.C203
Class format: Lecture/Exercise
Classroom: Ishikawadai-6  404 (Co-creative Commons)
Language: English

This course aims to provide learning of a variety of social design projects and their multi-faceted structures through omnibus styled lectures, discussion and exercises. It reveals significance of holding holistic perspective and attitude which enable us to combine knowledge and techniques from multiple disciplines in research and social implementation.

Schedule 2020

Class 1

  • Lecture:Kayoko Nohara
  • Introduction to SDP; Translating Coronavirus into International pandemic

Class 2

  • Lecture:Dr Giorgio Salani
  • Delivering value to clients: Transport solutions for the Royal Parks (UK)

Class 3

  • Lecture:Dr Giorgio Salani
  • Creating original value: Making pottery in the 21st century

Class 4

  • Lecture:Dr Istvan Zaldai
  • Morality, Work, and AI

Class 5

  • Lecture:Dr Istvan Zaldai
  • Morality and Inclusivity

Class 6

  • Lecture:Satoru SUGIHARA
  • Computation Design and Architecture

Class 7

  • Lecture:Takanobu OMATA
  • Practical Application of Psychology in Product Development
  • Briefing on Final Task (Nohara):How to prepare/submit your design brief