Science Communication/Science & Engineering Design for Global Talents – Overseas Programme

Science Communication/Science & Engineering Design for Global Talents - Overseas Programme

(Not offered 2020-)

Instructors: Prof. Kayoko NOHARA・Prof. Mike NORTON
Course Number: LAW.X401(graduate students), LAW.X315(undergraduate students)LAW.X316
Day/Period: Intensive Duration of program: late August – early September (10 days)
Language: English
Offered quarter: 2Q

Course description and aims

Students will experience the importance of science communication such that they will become a researcher with extensive social skills. The course splits into two programs for 1. practical experience at London’s science museum and 2. visits and discussions to several institutions active in science communication, including the London science museum and the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

The goal of this course is to use the overseas science communication institutes to broaden your horizon and provide a fresh perspective on the relationship between science and society, and its significance to your own special subject.

Student learning outcomes

Through this programme, students will understand the relationships between science and society and how different methods of science communication are being applied in different organisations to communicate to different audiences.
Students will also be able to strengthen their English and communication skills.


Course flow

  1. Submit internship application (permission from academic supervisor in research lab required)
  2. Selection process: documentation review and interview
  3. Participate in explanatory meeting and introductory lectures on science communication
  4. Internship
  5. Submit internship report, participate in the final report meeting

Introductory lectures and require Learning

 Date/time TBA. Orientation Date/time TBA.Science and Society Date/time TBA. Science communication organisations Date/time TBA. Science communication Date/time TBA. English lesson (as needed)

Application materials(2019)

Undergraduate:19UKintern_application_for UG
Graduage:19UKintern_application_for GR