4 July: last Zemi before summer break!

This week was the last Zemi of Spring semester 2021. We have 2 student research presentation by M2 Banzai and M1 Uken, 3 short student presentations by D1 Ai, M2 Wang, and M2 Liu, and short presentations from all the Sensei-s.

For student presentation, M2 Banzai presented his research progress on relation of sentiment analysis from social data with COVID-19 cases while M1 Uken introduced about Natural Language Processing field.

Short presentation topics from 3 students:
– D1 Ai-san: digital technology in museum X science communication
– M2 Wang-san: local cat & people X information media
– M2 Liu-san: definition of words in natural language

After that, each Sensei gave short presentation. Eden-sensei briefly talked about her current on-going research of science picture book. Zhu-sensei gave short introduction on ‘tidy data’ which is important for data handling. Giorgio-sensei gave advice on the importance to build specialism & stay curious on personal level. To conclude, Nohara-sensei gave two quotes for all of us:

“Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with that there is.” (Ernest Hemingway)

「人生って、何とも無理な場面から、なんとかするから、なとかなる」(can you guess whose quote was this?)