Science Media and Communication (GEG.S413)

Instructors: Kayoko NOHARA・Eden Mariquit Andrews・Giorgio Salani・Michael Norton

Course: GEG.S413  1 credit
Classroom: Online (Zoom)
Language: English

Overview / Objective:
Communication plays a major role in dealing with collaborating across rofessional and national borders to resolve issues and achieve innovations for the international communities and the global environment. Reality of communication is however rapidly changing reflecting the social and technological situations (online, global, multimodal on demand) and it is important to rethink why communication science is required and how we can effectively do it the students will learn basic theories and methods of science sharing among stakeholders

Schedule: 7/8 gen (16:15-17:55)

How to register:
Register on the Educational Web System. Email us after the registration deadline: Prof. Kayoko Nohara (