Preparation for presentation

This week would be the last week JSPSD2018. As students are having to do a poster presentation for INTA 4813 (Energy, Environment and Policy) and an oral presentation for INTA 4744 (Global Development Capstone), the first two days of this week were used to prepare for those projects.

Schedule of this week

7/30(Mon):Group work (NTA4823 and INTA4744)
7/31(Tue): Poster printing (INTA4823) and Group work (INTA4744)
8/1 (Wed): Poster presentation (INTA4823) and Presentation run-through (INTA4744)
8/2 (Thus): Capstone presentation (INTA4744)


The first half of the class was used for INTA4813 (Energy, Environment and Policy), and the second half was used for INTA4744 (Global Development Capstone) project. As always, each group formed a circle and worked on their report, poster, and/or PowerPoint slides.


For most of the GT students, there’s less than a week left in Japan. While they worked on their group projects, Prof. Woodall went over some check-out procedure.


Brian-sensei explaining procedure for today

Printing out posters for INTA4813 project was the main activity that took place in the first half of the class today. Due to some security issue, I took each group to a printing room in Ookayama campus and helped them print out their posters. There were some issues, but we were able to figure them out within assigned time and all the groups were managed to have their posters printed. Students seemed to be very excited to see their posters being printed out. It was nice to get together with each group and walk together to the printing room, as this allowed me to talk to each member and how they felt about the program itself.

Students working in groups (see the posters far side of the room:)

For some of them, it was their first time creating a poster and giving a poster presentation. I shared my experience at Capstone Expo at Georgia Tech, where I gave a poster presentation with my capstone group.

After they finished preparing their posters, both GT students and Tokyo Tech students have done course evaluation for JSPSD.

The last few hours were used for INTA4744. Students were working on their slides and report. Some were doing formatting and making sure that everything was in order.

Poster presentation will take place from the beginning of the class tomorrow.  I am looking forward to hearing what each group came up with and put together.


Written by Kanaha Shoji
Georgia Tech Graduate (2018) in Environmental Engineering, working as a research assistant for JSPSD2018