March 2018: Heather Barnett the Artist Arrived from CSM!

Heather Barnett from CSM.  Photo © The Experiment Symposium/TiTech 2017

In 2017, we invited three faculties from University of Arts London, Central Saint Martins and started collaboration between science and

technology and art/design. The last but not least is Heather Barnett, a slime mold specialist who came to Japan at the joint symposium “The Experiment”.

Very welcome to Nohara Lab and Deep Mode, Heather!

2018年度はCSMから3名の先生を招聘し、科学技術とアート/デザインのコラボレーションを開始しました。ラスト3人目は、合同シンポジウム「科学・アート・デザインの実験  The Experiment」でも来日してくれた、粘菌スペシャリストのヘザー・バーネット。ようこそ野原研へ、DeepModeへ