15 May 2019: MOU with Central Saint Martins, Signing Ceremony @Tokyo Tech

A team from Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London (CSM) visited the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) and two universities officially signed MOU. The two institutions will further promote collaboration in academic research, education, and university-industry partnership.

MOU Signing Ceremony (From the left, Prof. Nohara, Prof. Sampei, Prof. Nakai, Prof. Till, Ms. Dickson, Ms.Proudley, Prof. Wada).  Photo © TiTech 2019

On May 15th, after a meeting between President Kazuya Masu of Tokyo Tech and head of CSM, Prof. Jeremy Till, the MOU signing ceremony

was attended by Prof. Norihiro Nakai (Dean of School of Decision Science and Technology), Prof. Yuji Wada (Dean of School of Materials and Chemical Technology), Prof. Mitsuji Sampei (Associate Dean of School of Engineering), Prof. Shigeki Nakagawa (Director of Office of Education and International Cooperation), Prof. Kayoko Nohara (School of Environment and Society, WRHI research member) from Tokyo Tech, and Prof. Till (Head of School), Rachel Dickson (Dean of Academic Programmes), and Gemma Proudley (International Partnerships Development Manager) from CSM. The participants from the two universities exchanged opinions on the further promotion of collaborative research and partnership.

Present exchange (from the left, Prof. Wada, Prof. Nakai, Prof. Till)  Photo © TiTech 2019

During the ceremony, the participants also discussed about the history of the two institutions, previous activities of the two universities’ collaborative project in the past two years and a half, and existing examples of science/technology and art/design collaborations in Japan and the U.K. Presents were also exchanged. Prof. Till from the background of architectural studies explained the choice of wrapping paper of London’s city skyline to Prof. Nakai with specialty in urban studies. The ceremony was carried out in a witty and pleasant atmosphere.

 Luncheon Meeting. Photo © TiTech 2019

Following the signing ceremony, a luncheon meeting was also held. Joined by Prof. Nohara, Prof. Nakagawa, Prof. Shinya Hanaoka (School of Environment and Society) and Prof. Masahiko Hara (School of Materials and Chemical Technology) from Tokyo Tech, and Prof. Till, Ms. Dickson, Ms. Proudley, Dr. (Reader) Betti Marenko and Dr. Ulrike Oberlack (also Project Professors of WRHI) from CSM, the event was held in South Bldg. 5.

Sharing the same venue as the colloquium carried out on the previous day, May 14th, the faculty members reflected on the LEGO works made during the workshop of the colloquium to consider the methodology of Transdisciplinarity and the videos of the previous activities and events. The members all look forward to the future collaboration and strengthened partnership after the official start of the signing of MOU.

LEGO works made by participants at yesterday’s Colloquiam workshop. Photo © TiTech 2019