Hiroki Ryoga accepted for ToTAL program of Tokyo Tech

Last November 2021, Hiroki, currently a Masters student, was accepted to the Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership (ToTAL) program of Tokyo Tech. 

The program aims that the students of the program will develop leadership skills, while having them discover for themselves what it means to be a leader. In the process, they will be attending workshops and courses facilitated by faculty members of various backgrounds. To officially complete the program, students have to meet credit requirements until the end of the doctoral program.

Students in the program are given opportunities such as tuition fee exemptions/discounts during their doctoral program. Fellowships are also available for the doctoral students belonging to the program.

In the university, it is widely understood that leadership skills are essential for scientists and engineers of society. While Hiroki continues to advance his skills as a researcher, the skills will be supplemented by the leadership skills he will obtain through ToTAL.

For more details about ToTAL, visit the official website:


Congratulations Hiroki!