The laboratory belongs to the Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering, which consists of faculty members of different engineering and scientific backgrounds working together to solve complex problems faced in society. 

As transdisciplinary fields, urban climate, hydrology, and climate change requires inputs from various disciplines. The laboratory is also affiliated with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Applicants with the following backgrounds are highly encouraged:

  • Geophysical and atmospheric sciences;
  • Environmental engineering;
  • Civil engineering, specializing in hydrology and water resources;
  • Geodetic engineering;
  • Mechanical engineering; and
  • Computer science.


Potential applicants should possess strong interest (not necessarily proficient prior to application) in data processing and data analyses with programming, as necessary tools for research. Most importantly, the applicant must be curious and has high motivation to contribute to society through scientific research. Having these key backgrounds and mindset, successful applicants can optimize the education provided in the laboratory.

The following lists the possible options or programs for each educational level. The list will continually be updated (e.g. research fund requiring postdoctoral or doctoral students in the future). Feel free to contact Alvin or the managing parties for inquiries.


  • Independent Research Project (IRP)

Undergraduate students of Tokyo Tech are required to conduct an IRP in laboratories. Click here to check the syllabus for the year 2021 (may change depending on the year).

  • Student exchange programs

Various exchange programs are also available at Tokyo Tech. For updates, visit the page by clicking here.


  • International Graduate Program (IGP)

Tokyo Tech offers various opportunities for graduate studies that will allow you to enter the lab. For reference, click here. Depending on the IGP, scholarship programs (e.g. MEXT) or financial aid are also listed. For international students, scholarship opportunities may be found by clicking here.

  • Student exchange programs

As with the undergraduate level, graduate students from abroad may also join the lab through student exchange programs of Tokyo Tech. For updates, visit the page by clicking here.

Opportunities from JSPS

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) is Japan’s premier research funding agency, aimed to advance science. They offer financial support for research projects, research collaborations, graduate students, and post-doctors. Check out the wide list of programs and opportunities offered by JSPS by clicking here.