Completion of Masters Degree and Independepent Research Project

Do Ngoc Khanh and Zihan Wang for successfully earned their Masters degree in the Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering. Meanwhile, Nguyen Duc Thien accomplished his Independent Research Project requirement for Bachelors student.

Zihan Wang focused on the large-scale (spatial scales greater than cities) effects of high-spatial-resolution anthropogenic heat emission datasets to simulated climate. She used a weather model coupled by the AH4GUC dataset. 

Do Ngoc Khanh investigated the climatological and meteorological impacts of global climate change and urbanization (considering spatio-temporal changes of anthropogenic heating and spatial changes of building parameters derived during his undergraduate studies). He also greatly contributed to the production and maintenance of the AH4GUC anthropogenic heat emission datasets.

Nguyen Duc Thien applied Machine Learning (Boosted Regression Trees) to translate simulated weather (from weather models) into suitability maps of dengue vector (i.e. a mosquito species). Using the model outputs of Khanh, Thien was able to estimate the possible changes of the dengue vector’s suitability.

Both Zihan and Khanh will advance their work in the laboratory as doctor students from today. Furthermore, they will be submitting their Masters research topics to conferences and journals. Thien is currently conducting an advanced independent research project in a different laboratory, focusing much deeper into machine learning.