Project Vision 2022 Exhibition “Looking Beyond Plastic: Rethinking the contact lens blister”

From March 3rd to 5th, 2023, the exhibition “Looking Beyond Plastic: Rethinking the contact lens blister” was held as part of the joint project “Project Vision 2022” between Nohara Lab and CooperVision Japan.

While disposable contact lenses have brought convenience to our lives, they also have impacts on the environment. In addition to providing technological and engineering solutions to these environmental issues, it is equally important to understand people’s behaviors and consciousness related to these issues and explore social and cultural solutions by promoting behavior and consciousness transformation.

The students of Nohara Lab started from this point and worked on this project for a year with the aim of presenting questions and solutions to the environmental issues related to disposable contact lenses to society through research and design/art expressions.

Nine works were exhibited at the exhibition, and many visitors had the opportunity to interact with and experience the artworks.

In the talk session, we were honored to have Professor Hiromi Inokuchi from Musashino Art University, Mr. Mitsuaki Watanabe, CEO of Prototype Inc., Mr. Toshiaki Sakamoto from Nava Products, Professor Betti Marenko, WRH Specially Appointed Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Ms. Yoshiko Inoue, CEO of CooperVision Japan, as guests, who provided insightful comments.

Please enjoy the video of the exhibition and the talk session. This is Erdenebat Battseren’s work.


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