GSEP Alumni Talk

Since the start of the program in 2016, GSEP has produced over 60 graduates. After graduation, the majority of graduates go on to pursue a Master’s degree, but their later paths are varied: some continue to study for a PhD to further explore their chosen subjects, while others build on their diverse academic and cultural experiences to find jobs in Japan, in their home countries, or in international companies worldwide.

Uyanga at the presentation

On May 21, 2024, we invited one of our graduates, Ms. Uyanga Tumurbaatar, to the GSEP Alumni Talk to give GSEP students a practical insight into their future careers and an opportunity to network with our alumni. Uyanga is one of the first batch of GSEP graduates from Mongolia and now works for Schneider Electronic in Osaka after completing her Master’s in Energy at Tokyo Tech in 2022.

During the talk, she and her colleagues gave an introduction to the company, career opportunities and an overview of the real working environment. Uyanga talked about her current role in Human Machine Interface (HMI) unit as Schneider Graduate Program associate, and discussed the key skills needed to facilitate project management and lead the sustainability initiatives. She also shared some useful tips on how to find a job in Japan, recommending that they start as early as one year before graduation, attend events and internships to expand their network, and improve their Japanese language skills.

The presentation was followed by Q&A and free discussion. The main area of interest for the students was the current employment situation in the company, but a variety of topics were also raised, including the difference between the job market in Japanese companies and foreign companies, the typical job search season in Japan, effective ways to communicate in the workplace, and so on.

The event provided a valuable opportunity for the students to learn about future career paths, but above all we all enjoyed welcoming Uyanga back to GSEP and seeing her in action.