“Career Insights for Your Long Career Path”
– Invited Talk by Dr. Ken Harada

On October 11th 2023, GSEP invited Dr. Ken Harada, a Tokyo Tech graduate, to give a talk on career paths. The event attracted students interested in his diverse background and those concerned about their future career paths. While Dr. Harada holds a PhD in Computational Intelligence and System Sciences from Tokyo Tech, his career has spanned technology, finance and customer relationship management. He is currently a success manager at a US IT company, providing cloud services and advising clients on how to achieve customer-centric digital transformation.

Shambhava, a first year GSEP student and one of the participants, expresses his impressions of the talk:

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”—Milton Berle

It was truly a pleasure attending Dr. Harada’s lecture on “Career Insights for a Long Career Path”. I had been looking forward to this GSEP invited talk, particularly because of the lecturer’s profound expertise in computational intelligence and cloud management—two fields that have captivated my interests for quite some time. To my pleasant surprise, Dr. Harada’s extensive work experience and diverse resume extended beyond technical skill. In fact, he had also acquired a wealth of real-world experience in the finance industry.

What inspired me the most was Dr. Harada’s willingness to embrace the unexplored. Following the completion of his PhD, he recognized that academic research might not align with his true calling. His journey led him to become a Goldman Sachs strategist, navigating uncharted territories in finance and real estate. Years later, he circled back to his educational roots, fusing the vast amount of experience he had attained with his earlier education by joining a leading US IT company specializing in cloud services. It was a seamless transition that beautifully harmonized his strengths and aspirations.

This lecture provided me with a glimpse into the boundless opportunities that lie ahead. While I’m not sure how my academic and career journey would quite unfold, I’ve learned the value of venturing into the unknown. Dr. Harada’s story has taught me that embracing new, unexplored chapters in life can lead to a fulfilling and successful future.

Shambhava Sood

GSEP, 1st year Bachelor’s