Introducing G Forum
Students’ Exploration Initiative


During the start of spring break 2018, the 2nd batch of GSEP students shared their experiences and views so far about their on-going life in Tokyo Tech to the faculty of TSE. Rachma, one of the 1st year students then, envisioned an activity wherein Tokyo Tech students can casually discuss on relevant issues the world is facing today. Her idea came from the students’ enjoyable time during the Visionary Course, one of the required subjects all 1st year students. The course teaches that an engineer or scientist’s life or specific duties to society cannot be isolated from the world. Social science subjects are also interesting, interconnected, and crucial. The faculty members, moved by Rachma’s idea, encouraged the GSEP students to organize a fresh activity called “G Forum”.

G Forum is a semimonthly activity where students dialogue on relevant and timely issues or interesting topics. The “G” in the activity’s name is an arbitrary acronym which defines a participant’s purpose for joining the activity. For example, “G” could stand for “Global”, “Grand”, or “Green”. A specific topic is covered each month and is chaired by two students. Chaired by Rachma and Chatr, the first activity was held on Oct. 2, 2018 and the topic was on the US and China’s trade war. In addition to the students, guests during its commencement included GSEP lecturers and Prof. Naoya Abe, whose expertise in the subject aroused further curiosity about the subject.

All Tokyo Tech students are welcome to join the event. There are no strict rules except that each participant respects everyone’s opinions. For Tokyo Tech students who are interested in joining the G Forum, the event is usually held at the “Creative Commons” twice a month on Wednesdays from 5PM.

Organizing Committee:

  • Leader – Kusumadewanti Rachma Nuraini
  • Suttijaree Chatr
  • Nguyen Son Truong
  • Kraiwuttia Ornida – Public Relations and Poster Design
  • Purevsuren Norovsambuu
  • Nasution Ghiffari Aby Malik


Written Alvin C.G. Varquez