AY2022 Information

Time Table and changes to the TSE courses (2022)

Orientation Documents

Updated orientation files for GSEP 2nd year and 3rd year students:

The files above contain timetables for Q1 2021 (except for fourth year). Instructions for registering courses and the line can be found in the link below:


Independent Research Project

  • Independent Research Project Report
  • By using the following check lists, check whether you satisfy Level 1 (mandatory) and Level 2 (recommended), and ask your supervisor to confirm them.
  • Presentation
    • Language for slides and presentation : Only Japanese or English is acceptable.
    • Time Allocation: 6 minutes for presentation, 6 minutes for Q&A, 1 minute for alternation and preparation.
    • PC: Bring your own or lab’s laptop that has a VGA or HDMI outlet. Check the compatibility with the projector in advance.
    • In the first page (title page) of your presentation slides, keywords in both Japanese and English should be described.
    • Handout:
      • Upload your slides converted to a PDF file.
        (In case of presentation through Internet, the follwing rules are not applied: “50 copies of your presentation slides should be prepared and distributed to the faculty members just prior to your presentation with the assistance of your laboratory members. The maximum number of the paper distributed should be limited within 1 sheet in two-sided printing.”)
    • Submission of abstract is not required.
    • Presentation Award is awarded for excellent presentations. (Some points are added if Japanese course and GSEP students present in English and Japanese, respectively.)

Advanced Independent Research Project

  • Although presentation is not required from the department, requirements in laboratory must exist. Please ask its details to your supervisor.