Independent research project (TSE) (Submission of Research report and Presentation in February 2024)

1. Registration
We have announced it to relevant students by email on January 11.
Deadline: 4pm, February 5 (Mon.), 2024 (Punctuality)

2. Report submission
Submit to: Supervisor
Deadline: 4pm,  February 13 (Tues.), 2024 (Punctuality)

3. Presentation
Date and Time: February 19 (Mon.) and February 20 (Tues.), 2024
Venue: Room W9-324(W933), Bldg.W9, Ookayama (Face-to-face)
Presentation style: Oral presentation
Language: Japanese or English
Presentation time: Each presenter has 13 minutes in total (6 min for your presentation, 6 min for Q&A, 1 min for the preparation)

Program(revised, February 9)