Tokyo Tech Writing Center to improve student English drafts

Tokyo Tech Writing Center (TTWCR) is a consultation facility where students can receive assistance with writing assignments through dialogic sessions with tutors who have been trained in tutoring and peer-reviewing skills.

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Adopting an understanding that the writer should take ownership of the writing process, our tutors respect the writer’s worries, ideas, and discoveries. In dialogic tutorials, those receiving tutoring will undergo substantial growth as academic writers by identifying ambiguities in your own writing and coming up with solutions on their own.

By honing writing skills through their own discoveries, not only will the writers make improvements to the writing assignment at hand, but they will also be able to take strides toward becoming autonomous writers who can produce well-deliberated texts on their own when they work on future writing assignments.

Whenever you need to improve your academic writing, please reserve a session.

Tokyo Tech Writing Center director: Prof. Yuto Koizumi