Visionary Project Final Presentation
Be Brave by Tatsaringkansakul Nattasate

In their first year in Tokyo Tech, GSEP students take the Tokyo Tech Visionary Project course. This is a special compulsory course from the Institute of Liberal Arts offered to all of the first year students at Tokyo Tech. The students are encouraged to recognize and develop their aims through self-analysis and self-directing. Each week, the students had different speakers as resource persons tackling topics such as Music, Japanese food, Media and other relevant topics. At the last session, after listening to all of the invited speakers in this course, it’s the students’ turn to speak. Each student is asked to choose a keyword that best represents their vision.

This year, Mr. Tatsaringkansakul Nattasate (Stamp), our GSEP student from Thailand was voted best presenter during the student presentation in the class. The selection was based on the decision of the class with the teachers. Stamp surprised everyone when he decided to open by presenting a blank paper (no keyword!). His interesting presentation can be seen from the embedded video below. He also shares about his experience in the course and his insights which led to the contents of his final presentation.

“Be Brave” by Tatsaringkansakul Nattasate

Nowadays, everything is related to each other as an effect of technology. As such, we have to consider everything carefully and wisely. To generate an impact on socity, it is necessary to widen our fields of knowledge and find the connection between. As one of the students in GSEP programs, I receive lots of precious opportunities to attend lectures of many successful people of various careers with different perspectives and goals. Their speech are motivational and inspirational. Moreover, it contains crucial factors which define standards of success such as leadership, ethics, knowledge, passion, and others. I have come to realize that I have grown up every time I listen and think about what they have said.

Every week, we have another extra day to do a group discussion to talk about each lecture and try to figure out what the speakers want to tell us. In the final week, we had to present our own vision rather than listen to one. We have to use only one keyword to tell our vision and that I think it is very challenging. Further into the discussion, I figured that there are some related and common things which are significant to become a successful person. Among them are “Change” and “Challenge”.

People were born without knowledge. Imagine yourselves as an empty white paper ready to be colored on. This means in the beginning, nobody is perfect. Everybody starts from zero. We will face a lot of situations and circumstances and we will make tons of mistakes, but we should never give up. We should face and overcome them to improve ourselves. Learn from the mistakes we have made and continue learning. Believe that life has no limitation and if others tell us that we cannot do it, we prove it and show them that we can do it. After accomplishing something, try to improve or find new things to do. Go as far as you can to enhance your skills and knowledge. Another important thing is that try to change yourselves to not be the same person as what you are today. Try to be a better you that makes yourselves in the past proud. Let’s be brave to “Challenge” and “Change” ourselves.

This visionary course has hugely and positively contributed to my vision. It is my great honor to be a part of this class with passionate friends. That why I will use these extraordinary years here in Tokyo Tech in the most effective manner as I can in order to improve myself and make an positive impact on our world.

2nd and 3rd Best Presentations

Below are also videos of the 2nd and 3rd presentations by Mr. Jae Hyo Jang and Mr. Tran Huu Binh Minh.



Compiled by Alvin C.G. Varquez