Visiting Assoc. Prof. Farid Triawan
meeting with GSEP students

On June 12 – 14, 2019, Prof. Farid Triawan visited the Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering (TSE) of Tokyo Tech. The purpose of his visit was mainly to meet with his co-faculty and reunite with the GSEP students and his Indonesian friends on campus.

Farid earned his Masters and Doctors degreeĀ at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tokyo Tech. After spending time working for Torishima Pump in Osaka, he joined TSE as a specially-appointed lecturer of GSEP. Farid has contributed massively to the development of GSEP, recruitment, and education of its students. In 2018, he returned to Jakarta and joined Sampoerna University as head of its Department of Mechanical Engineering. He still holds positions outside of his current university; among which is his current position as visiting associate professor of TSE. He continues to be a bridge between GSEP and Indonesia.

During the 1st day of his visit, he met with his former co-lecturers at Tokyo Tech and professors for on-going research collaborations and improvements in GSEP. The next day, Farid had lunch with the 1st and 2nd batch of GSEP students. It was a nostalgic moment for him to see his former students recently entering their final year of undergraduate study at Tokyo Tech.

After lunch, he gave a talk to the GSEP students about his recent experiences as a faculty member of Sampoerna University. He talked about his experience since his return in Jakarta which strengthened his impression about transdiciplinary engineering. It is that in this modern age, we are surrounded by products, actions, or projects that consist or require transdiciplinary concepts. As with his recent move to become an educator in Indonesia, he also challenged the students to give back to their home countries someday.

It was indeed a pleasure to have Prof. Farid Triawan visit us despite his responsibilities back in Indonesia. Below are photos taken during his meeting with the students and talk.


Written by Alvin C.G. Varquez