Profile of GSEP faculty (2) – Azril Haniz

Dr. Azril Haniz
Dr. Azril Haniz

In this article, we introduce Dr. Azril Haniz, a specially-appointed associate professor of the department,  who is mainly teaching 2nd year student.

* What do you think about GSEP?

I think GSEP is an excellent initiative to gather outstanding students from all around the globe to come study in Tokyo Tech by removing the language barrier, which is one obstacles foreign students have to face when studying in Japan. Actually, I obtained my Bachelors degree from Tokyo Tech, and when I was a student, everything was taught in Japanese. However, in recent years, the internationalization of Tokyo Tech has been proceeding, with the number of English classes offered in the undergraduate program steadily increasing. I am glad that starting from April 2016, we are finally able to full-fledged Bachelors degree program taught fully in English through GSEP, which is the first of its kind in Tokyo Tech. GSEP students belong to the Dept. of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering (TSE), and this new field of engineering combining several disciplines is becoming ever-increasingly important to solve complex global problems of the future. We aim to equip the students with all the necessary skills required to excel as a scientist or engineer in the global arena.
* Your role in GSEP program (About your teaching /subect)
I am currently the instructor for several courses held in English aimed at TSE 2nd year students. Firstly, I teach the “Engineering Measurement” course, which is an introductory course to a wide range of measurement equipment used in various fields of engineering. It mainly covers the operating principles of those equipment which the students may use in the future once they start performing experiments. I also teach “Theory of Linear System”. This class provides the students the fundamentals of modeling linear systems which is useful when performing analysis of systems in a variety of fields. Besides the 2nd year courses, I also am one of the instructors of “Tokyo Tech Visionary Project” which is one of the Liberal Arts courses all Tokyo Tech 1st year students must take.
* My research
I am currently conducting research on localization technology. Localization is the process of estimating the location of a radio terminal. Localization can be categorized to indoor and outdoor localization. For the outdoor localization case, I am focusing on a particular problem, which is the localization of illegal radios. It is crucial to localize illegal radios because they may cause harmful interference to existing radio systems which may result in service disruption. There are numerous obstacles which have to be oversome when localizing illegal radios, because we do not have any knowledge regarding what type of signal, or frequency the illegal radio is using. I am also working on developing an indoor localization system using low-cost devices. These indoor systems have many applications ranging from commercial advertising to healthcare. We aim to construct a system which does not require the users to carry any transmitters, thus reducing the burden on the user.
* Your vision in your career
I aim to constantly work harder towards providing my students with all the knowledge and education befitting of a world-class engineering degree, while simultaneously pursuing challenging research topics in the wireless communication field which can enrich the lifestyles of future generations.