Profiles of GSEP Faculty (1) – Farid Triawan

Dr. Farid Triawan

Dr. Farid Triawan

GSEP program is given full support by our devoted professors and lecturers.  This article features Dr. Farid Triawan, a specially-appointed associate professor of the department.

*What do you think about GSEP?
GSEP is a very important program for the internationalization of Tokyo Tech. Until 2015, Tokyo Tech could only provide international classes for the graduate course; but since 2016, with GSEP as its initiative, the undergraduate program is being pushed to provide its education in English. I believe it will bring about many good outcomes, such as to improve Tokyo Tech’s ranking globally, to bring excellent new talents from outside Japan who will then communicate and interact with the Japanese students, and to improve the quality of education itself regardless of the language of instruction. GSEP plays a crucial role in the realization of the new education system and research structure which was implemented by President Mishima to boost up the university’s ranking to one of the top ten in the world by 2030. With the new top-notch curriculum to provide a seamless transition between programs in the six new schools and institutes, GSEP is actually preparing the students who will experience this new seamless system for the first time. Therefore, we have to make sure this program goes smoothly and successfully.

*About your research
My research topics are related to the strength of materials and structure, especially about elasticity, cavitation erosion, and damage/fracture mechanics. I have been conducting several studies on the mechanical properties and behavior of porous materials since I was in the Ph.D program. I have also gained some experiences in working on the cavitation phenomenon in liquid, such as analysis of the physical phenomenon of cavitation jetting behavior, development of measurement method of cavitation intensity, and investigating the crack propagation in polymeric materials under cavitation loading. Meanwhile, research on the interfacial strength of welded joints and multilayer films are currently being performed. Besides the research activities, I have published two books about the Japanese working culture and the Monozukuri concept owned by the Japanese industries.

*Your goal/Your role in GSEP
In GSEP, I am in charge for the promotional activities, especially in Indonesia. With other faculty members, I have screened and tested many students in order to fulfill the GSEP’s goal. The screening activities were quite challenging as we needed to select few students from best of the best candidates. I believe those who were selected in the 1st and 2nd batch will give a big contribution to the success of GSEP. Besides the promotional activities, I have also involved in the GSEP’s website management as well as several educational field trips for the students.

*About your teaching/subject
My main teaching subjects are The Visionary Project Course for the 1st year GSEP students and the Solid Mechanics and Structure Engineering Course.

*My favorite quotation
“It is not what I have, but what I can give”