What is Deep Mode?

The world is rapidly changing.

With the spread of the Internet, material objects, money and people are able to move freely, resulting in the world’s interconnectedness advancing but seeing common values decline, and uncertainty grow. Issues emerge such as inequality, immigration, aging society, disputes large and small, energy, or problems of the ways of conducting our work. Each of us is asked to live while trying to control this uncertainty, to solve these problems one by one using the freedom of our imagination; in such a situation, what contribution can be made by science and technology?

Science and technology which only pursue convenience and efficiency or attempt to control the environment cannot solve these problems. The world is more complicated and many points of change are happening by chance or through the unexpected behaviour of others. Yet these problems cannot be solved only through politics, economics or communication. We need to think  of a new type of science and technology in response to these recent changes.

We propose Deep Mode, where science and technology merge with contemporary styles (cultural tides or currents—‘mode’), to create a deep, sustainable answer to the challenge. We are thinking about the hitherto unconsidered potential of science and technology to design, art, environment and city design, fashion, society and media etc.

We want to produce a level landscape of values. In response to contemporary difficult challenges, this is a proposal for new open-style science and technology—Deep Mode—creating an environment that integrates fragments of various fields and accepts and supports diverse values.

The Keyword is “Yugo”

If we stick to only one existing field, we can’t solve current problems. Because so much now exists on a global scale and is interconnected, concentrating on just one thing—fragmentation—is insufficient. We need to capture the totality of humanity’s culture (its art, history, philosophy, media, sociology), and create a new science and technology based on transdisciplinary approaches.

Yugo—a Japanese term meaning “fusion” or integration—is a keyword associated with the current problems the world faces. Merging large and small, global and local (two sides of the same coin), creating a multilayered place of problem solving will lead to new industries, businesses, and academic research.

Especially we focus on “art & design” thinking. First, take art thinking with its thoughts that can not be grasped by reason alone, such as fluctuation, play, departure, destruction, coincidence. Next, design thinking that is orderly, beautifully organized and solves problems in a structured way. We aim at a mature and interesting world created by the fusion of Technology × Art/Design.

A place for a ‘nomad-thinking + a Network with CSM

Through repeating thinking that is both universal and local, we will develop human resources that will build the new culture of the 21st-century.

For this purpose we must traverse the world and different genres. We will train ‘nomads’ who accept positively the circumstances they are faced with, regardless of the situation. We will nurture people who will be resilient in the face of uncertainty and able to think in whatever place or condition they find themselves, regardless of the laboratory, country, financial or social situation: any place, any condition.

In addition, we will build an international network, including the University of the Arts, Central St. Martins (CSM), and disseminate information globally.

The academic course is part of the School of Environment and Society at Tokyo Tech, and opens a new era and territory in which engineering harmonises with the natural environment and human society, and introduces, infuses and maintains technology in society.


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