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Otomo Lab’s affiliated graduate school (Masters, Doctoral)

A consortium for which Professor Junichiro Otomo is a Lead Coordinator. The consortium focuses on integrated energy science research, aiming towards a sustainable, zero-carbon society.

Aiming to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality, ZC focuses on technologies and systems for renewable energy, carbon cycling, and nitrogen cycling.

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At JST LCS, we have proposed technology scenarios based on the structuralization of fundamental technologies in solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems, towards the realization of a low-carbon society(Details of proposals here).

At JST COI, we have participated in the Energy Group of the Center of Coevolutionary Research for Sustainable Communities and developed evaluation systems for the on-site production and use of renewable energy, in collaboration with other universities.

Exploring energy conversion chemistry and system design

The Otomo Junichiro Lab is a new research group that relocated to Tokyo Tech in January 2021. Please check our older website for our group’s previous activities:
Link to old Otomo Lab website
Our research has been introduced on the Tokyo Tech Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering website as well(click here)

Energy system design based on carbon and nitrogen cycling

In the Otomo Lab, we conduct transdisciplinary research on energy technologies from the perspectives of energy conversion chemistry and energy system design, spanning from fundamental research on constituent technologies to system-scale research. We are investigating chemical reactions and materials related to energy conversion and aim to integrate these into effective energy systems.


Fundamental and transdisciplinary research: from materials and reaction design to system creation

Based on materials designed for improved solid-state ionic and electronic conductivity, and the observation of interfacial ionic transport and chemical reactions, we are developing novel energy devices and systems such as high efficiency fuel cells and electrolysis cells. We further evaluate these low-carbon technologies based on their readiness for implementation into society. Constructing diverse energy systems that would be compatible with the widespread use of renewable energy is essential to mitigate climate change and to provide a stable and diversified energy supply.


Energy conversion chemistry

 We aim to observe and elucidate new mechanisms of chemical reactions and ionic transport, while designing and developing energy conversion devices based on materials development of ionic conductors and on reaction mechanism control at surfaces and interfaces
key words: ionics, fuel cells, electrosynthesis, chemical looping 

New energy system design

Thinking ahead to the future implementation of energy conversion systems that will contribute to the realization of a zero-carbon society, we are working on energy system designs, including fuel cell designs and chemical looping process designs, and analyzing the economic viability of such systems. 
Key words: system design, cost engineering

LAB News

2022.4.5 New members have joined the laboratory and the new term activities have begun !
▶2021.5.27~28 Doctoral student Mr. Shun Yamate presented at the 28th FCDIC Fuel Cell Symposium (held online) and was awarded the Best Poster Awardinfo >>
▶2021.3.20~22 Doctoral students Mr. Seiya Tajima and Mr. Jihan Lee, and Masters students Mr. Daiki Akiyama, Mr. Taro Kayamori, Mr. Ryousuke Toda, and Mr. Taihei Yamamura presented at The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan, 86th Annual Meeting (held online). Mr. Yamamura was awarded a Student Award. info >>
▶2021.1.1 Professor Junichiro Otomo has been appointed Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology
Professor Junichiro Otomo has been appointed as a Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, School of Environment and Society, Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering, Energy Course.



Events (conferences, seminars, etc.)

[Seminar in Japanese]
2021.9.3~ 「第7回初心者のための化学工学入門講習会」が開催されます      info >>
2021.7.21 「第2回 リスクに基づくプロセス安全入門~現場技術者のためになるプロセス安全の考え方を学ぶ~」が開催されますinfo >>
2021.6.7 第12回ホットな話題の講演会「超音波を用いた反応操作の最前線とオンラインだからよく見える超音波装置の見学会」が開催されますinfo >>

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The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan, Kanto Branch organizes many events each year, including chemical engineering seminars (details of events here). They also publish resources on various chemical engineering themes, ranging from fundamentals to applications (Publications about battery technologies here).